Marseille, the multi-faceted city

Marseille, also called the Phocaean City, is an emblematic city in the South of France, where in summer, we walk accompanied by the song of the cicadas, we eat in the sun and we play pétanque with the family. Marseille is a multifaceted city. Indeed, whether you are a sportsman, a lover of art and culture or a fan of idleness, whether you come for one night or a long stay, Marseille is full of activities and emblematic places to discover. The Old Port, the Panier district, the MuCEM, the Terrasses du Port, Notre-Dame de la Garde or the Canebière, are mythical sites that will interfere in everyone's day.

The 8th arrondissement, an ideal neighborhood

The 8th arrondissement of Marseille is diverse: culture, sport and relaxation are on the agenda. It is in the heart of this district that the supporters of Olympique de Marseille meet at the Orange Vélodrome stadium. But the 8th arrondissement of the Phocaean City is not just about sport, in fact, the district is home to beautiful beaches such as Pointe Rouge or Prado. There is no shortage of water sports around the Marseille beaches. Do not wait any longer and visit this district of Marseille with the Hotel Le Mistral as a starting point, a hotel by the sea in Marseille.

Activities: on land and at sea

Lose yourself in the streets of Marseille, you will come across the Panier district or the Cours Julien, places steeped in culture and history. You can also opt for an already established itinerary to explore the old quarters, the corniche or the Old Port.

Amateur or expert windsurfers, young and old fishermen, fans of idleness, beginners or experienced in scuba diving, will meet near the ports and beaches of the 8th arrondissement to share a nautical activity.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard

"The Good Mother", nickname of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde, has overlooked the city of Marseille for more than 800 years. Her nickname comes from the people of Marseille who consider her the protector of the town. For information: the bell tower of the Basilica measures 41 meters and the statue of Mary measures 11.20 meters for a weight of more than 9,700 kg. Every day, from 7 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., you can visit this emblematic place in the city of Marseille. This site is accessible by car, bus, small train, bicycle or on foot.

The creeks of Marseille

Limestone cliffs, forests and caves make up the creeks of Marseille, known throughout the world. The creeks of Marseille and the surrounding area are now grouped together in a National Park, thus their ecosystem is protected. Go on an adventure by strolling on foot or by boat in the creeks of Marseille. Postcard landscapes will take shape before your eyes.


Also called the Museum of Civilizations, Europe and the Mediterranean, the MuCEM is an emblematic place in Marseille, by its architecture and by its exceptional exhibitions organized. During your stopover in our family hotel in Marseille, visit the exhibition of the moment or go to the forecourt in front. From the MuCEM, you will get a superb view of the Phocaean City and the Mediterranean Sea.

The village of Les Goudes

In the heart of the Phocaean City, there is a mythical little fishing village: Les Goudes. In this enchanting place, there is a picturesque port, vestiges of the Second World War, an unbeatable view of the harbor of Marseille, but also many restaurants and bars. It is an authentic visit, with purely Marseille charm, which awaits you when you visit the village of Les Goudes.

Borely Park

Among the swans and ducks, you can picnic, jog, relax, play ball and indulge in many other activities. Parc Borély is very close to your hotel restaurant in Marseille 8. Parc Borély is like a little haven of peace, calm and gentleness in the heart of the city. The expanses of greenery in the park are ideal for a walk, alone, with family, friends or as a couple.

The Julien Course

The Cours Julien is the meeting place for all artists and street art lovers. All the walls and doors in the neighborhood are adorned with huge ephemeral paintings. The Cours Julien is one of the liveliest areas of Marseille, many bars and restaurants adjoin the pedestrian streets. Stroll through the streets of Cours Julien to soak up the Marseille atmosphere.

The Cosquer Cave

Under the Mediterranean Sea, 37 meters deep, there is a prehistoric cave. The Cosquer Cave reveals secrets buried for more than 30,000 years. Located on level -2, you can discover a reproduction of the Cosquer Cave, but also the Mediterranean Gallery, the Cassidain diving center and a souvenir shop.

Methods of transportation

Marseille is a city where public transport is not lacking. Indeed, you can discover the different districts of the city by bus, metro or on foot. Electric scooters and bicycles are self-service in the city and near your hotel near the beach in Marseille 8. In season, a sea shuttle connects the port of Pointe Rouge and the Old Port of Marseille .