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Marseille, the city of many facets

Marseille, also called the Phocaean city, is an emblematic city of the South of France, where in summer, we walk accompanied by the song of cicadas, we eat in the sun and we play petanque with the family. Marseille is a city with many facets. Whether you are a sportsman, an art lover or a fan of a relaxing stay, whether you come for a night or a long stay, Marseille is full of activities and emblematic places to discover. The Old Port, the Panier district, the MuCEM, the Terrasses du Port, Notre-Dame de la Garde or the Canebière, are mythical sites that will occupy the days of each.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard

"The Good Mother", nickname of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard, overlooking the city of Marseille for over 800 years. Her nickname comes from the Marseillais who consider her the protector of the town. For information: the bell tower of the Basilica measures 41 meters in height and the statue of Mary, at the top, measures 11.20 meters for a total weight of more than 9 700kg. Every day of the year, from 7am to 6:30 pm, you will be able to visit this emblematic and unmissable place of the city of Marseille. This site is accessible by car, bus, train, bike or on foot.

The creeks of Marseille

Limestone cliffs, forests and caves, constitute the creeks of Marseille, known worldwide. The creeks of Marseille and the surrounding area are now gathered in a National Park, so their ecosystem is protected. Go on an adventure through beautiful landscapes.


Also called the Museum of Civilizations, Europe and the Mediterranean, the MuCEM is an emblematic place of Marseille, with its architecture and its exceptional exhibitions organized. From the MuCEM, you will get a superb view of the Phocaean city and the Mediterranean Sea.

The village of Goudes

In the heart of the Phocean city, is a small village of mythical sinners: Les Goudes. In this enchanting place, a picturesque harbor, a remnant of the Second World War, unbeatable view on the bay of Marseille, but also many restaurants and bars.

Borely Park

In the midst of swans and ducks, you can picnic, jog, relax, play ball and indulge in many other activities. The Borély park is very close to your hotel restaurant in Marseille 8. The green expanses of the park are ideal for a walk, alone, with family, friends or couples.

The Julien course

The Julien course is the rendez-vous of all artists and street art lovers. All the walls and doors of the neighborhood are adorned with huge ephemeral paintings. The Cours Julien is one of the most lively areas of Marseille, many bars and restaurants adjoin the pedestrian streets.